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49_Section 7_LSS1003_April-June_2017

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Welcome to 

Group 49 LSS 1003 April-June, 2017

You have reached the landing page for SECTION 7 



Assessments in LSS 1003


1. Introduction to LSS 1003 assessments 7-13.pptx


Click here for the most current assessment plan for sections 7 and 13


You need to STUDY these presentations for Quiz #2 in week 5


1 OVERALL PROCESS (2).pptx (Analytical Thinking part 1)

2 Defining the Problem (1).pptx (Analytical Thinking part 2)

Developing_positive_mental_attitude (1).ppt

Effective Presentations altered.pptx


We'll work on the slides above and get started on your presentations next week

Activity 2 - your individual presentations


What app should you use to start your presentation?

  • You should choose an app that works on iPad AND PC
  • You should keep your work in the "cloud" online so you can use PCs in the ILC
    or work on iPad when available in class to work on the your group presentation


You can achieve this by using one of these app tools

  • PowerPoint for iPad - this can be uploaded to either Google Slides or Office 365
  • Keynote MIGHT allow you to upload to Google slides 


The two possible online "cloud" spaces are

  • Google Slides
  • Office 365


Week 4


Thursday Apr 27


Period 4 - Start working on your presentations for Week 5


Your teacher will provide materials

Your assignment for today (to choose a topic and write three things we need to know about it)

is in slides 16, 17, and 18 here: Effective Presentations altered.pptx


Your next blog post, week 6, will be on the topic of your presentation


Period 1 - Complete your blog posts


5 students completed these in a class of 20

Most students wasted time on their iPads


Wednesday Apr 26, 2017


Students worked on their first of five blog posts

Each post is worth 5% of your final mark

The posts should be uploaded to Bb Learn


Sunday Apr 24, 2017


Period 5 Developing a positive mental attitude


Your teacher will air drop the ppt around to you

Follow the presentation on your iPad as you complete this worksheet

positive attitude worksheet.docx


Hand it in to your teacher when done.


All your work done so far in this class will be marked tomorrow Tuesday and returned to you on Wednesday



Week 3 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Period 5 - Create a Google Doc - write a 250 word 'reflection' on the course so far


Start working on your first blog post, 250 words to be pasted at Blackboard

Share the document with vancestev@gmail.com 


Why? Because you will have to create 5 blog entries in this course

You can prepare what you will write in a Google Doc space.

Teacher feedback on writing is most effectively done in Google Docs.


You can also use this space to prepare your slide presentations


If you can't create a Google Doc you can write in Word and save to OneDrive in Office 365

Log on to Office 365 and OneDrive with your HCT email address

Share the document with vstevens@hct.ac.ae




Get ready for Blog entry - Create a Google Doc


Tell your teacher something interesting about yourself 

Write a paragraph about something you do (or have done) that is interesting

Share the document with vancestev@gmail.com 


Why? Because we will be making blog entries this week and next.

You can prepare what you will write in a Google Doc space.

Teacher feedback on writing is most effectively done in Google Docs.


If you can't create a Google Doc you can write in Word and save to OneDrive in Office 365

Log on to Office 365 and OneDrive with your HCT ID

Share the document with vstevens@hct.ac.ae




Sunday Apr 16, 2017


Period 6 - Effective presentations


Study the PowerPoint with language to use in presentations

1. Effective Presentations.pptx


Watch the video about hand gestures and facial expressions and do Activity 1



Activity 1 - fill in this worksheet to fix what you learned

2. Presentation Skills Activities.docx 


Week 2



Thursday, April 13, 2017


Periods 3 and 4 - Quiz #1 in the MBZ Auditorium


The first quiz is today

  • There will be 20 questions
  • Most questions will be multiple choice, True / False
  • There may be a limited amount of writing 


The 20 questions will come from, or be based on, the following PowerPoints

1. Learning_Styles_Multiple Intelligence (6).pptx

3. Time Management Skills PPT (3).pptx

4. Plagiarism-at-HCT-PPT.pptx

5. Goal Setting(6).pptx


Wednesday April 12, 2017


Period 2 Time Management and exam review


We'll introduce this PowerPoint, 3. Time Management Skills PPT (3).pptx


Learn the

helpful tips for students to better manage their time  

  1. Make a to-do list every day
  2. Keep your work with you in case you find time to do it
  3. Don't be afraid to say NO to extra work
  4. Find your productive time (day? night?) 
  5. Create a dedicated study time
  6. Budget your time 
  7. Don't get sidetracked 
  8. Get a good night's sleep 


Check out these top time management apps for 2015



Class plan for today


Time management


Use the Exam Review Worksheet:  LSS 1003 quiz1 review.docx


Accept the Air Drop of this PowerPoint: 3. Time Management Skills PPT (3).pptx

Complete this part of the worksheet




Accept the Air Drop of this PowerPoint: 5. Goal Setting(6).pptx

Complete this part of the worksheet


Multiple Intelligences


Accept the Air Drop of this PowerPoint: 1. Learning_Styles_Multiple Intelligence (6).pptx

Complete this part of the worksheet


How to avoid plagiarism


Accept the Air Drop of this PowerPoint: 4. Plagiarism-at-HCT-PPT.pptx

Complete this part of the worksheet

Check your answers on this section here

LSS 1003 quiz1 review answers.docx





Monday April 10, 2017


Period 5 Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences


Use this PowerPoint, 1. Learning_Styles_Multiple Intelligence (6).pptx

On Bb at:



Watch these videos

Introduction to Multiple Intelligences - https://youtu.be/kBbmerzR2JI 

Watch this video about the 8 Intelligences - Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained - Dr. Howard Gardner



and complete this worksheet, 8 Intelligences.docx

here are the answers: 8 Intelligences_answers.docx


remember ... BALI NVVI


B= Body/kinesthetic (coordination of body and objects)

A=Audio (Musical)

L=Logical (Mathematical)

I=Interpersonal – Between two or more people


N=Nature (Naturalist)

V=Visual (Spatial)

V=Verbal (Linguistic)

I=Intrapersonal (Within ones’ self) 


Sunday, April 9, 2017


Period 6 Goal Setting



Hour 1 - students watch the materials and return a printout of the slide show with the SMART acronym spelled out

Students complete and submit the worksheet: SMARTppt_worksheet.pdf


Hour 2 - Students complete Activity 3 Action Plan.docx Activity 3 Action Plan(2).docx


How Do I Set Goals That Work? An 8 chapter 34-page book by Tim Brownson

The last chapter is on SMART goals



Week 1 



Thursday, April 6, 2017


Period 4 Plagiarism


Download the presentation here:  4. Plagiarism-at-HCT-PPT.pptx


Plagiarism at HCT is resource #T150 in the HCT Student Research website, covering what plagiarism is, what the consequences are for plagiarizing, and how to avoid it.


RESOURCES from Slide 1


  • “Plagiarism: How to avoid it”.  2:50 min. VIDEO 
  • “You quote it, you note it”. 10 min. TUTORIAL 
    • This is a very interactive tutorial covering plagiarism, the research process, and citing resources you have used appropriately.  Choose a player, take quizzes along the way, and have fun!  Produced by Vaughan Memorial Library, Canada.  Tutorial is approx. 10 min.  


  • “Copyright perspectives: No you stole it”. 1:53 min. VIDEO
    Conversation between 2 students on how to attribute the work of others
    • A short video discussing plagiarism with students as actors.  Language and example given is simple to follow.  Produced by Penn State University.  Video is 1:53 min. 

  • “Avoiding plagiarism: What do I need to cite?”  1:04 min. VIDEO
    (Answer: any words you took, also any ideas)
    • This reviews when you will need to cite your sources – referencing both direct words, and ideas.  Produced by the Critical Thinker Academy.  Video is 1:04 min.
    • It is important to discuss that while plagiarism can be a major academic problem, there are many ways to avoid it, including correctly citing resources used, note taking and summarizing skills. 


Slide 8

DEFINE plagiarism (cheating; stealing; dishonesty)

  • Plagiarism is “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” (Oxford Dictionary, n.d.) 
  • So plagiarizing is stealing other peoples ideas and hard work – their intellectual property.


Slide 10

  • Teachers use software such as Turnitin.com or SafeAssign, which easily check and report whether the words used in your paper have been copied from somewhere online. 


Slides 11-12

So – HOW do we AVOID plagiarism?

  • REFERENCE the sources of information you use to AVOID PLAGIARISM J
  • Why you need to Cite Sources” 2:09 min. VIDEO  
    • A simple and clear introduction to why you need to cite the sources you use in your research.  Produced by the College of San Mateo, US.  Video is 2.09 min. 


Slide 13-16 




Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Period 2 Introduction to LSS 1003, Life and Study Skills


Here are the PowerPoints for Week 1 hours 1-8

  1. Introduction to LSS 1003, https://mylearn.hct.ac.ae/bbcswebdav/pid-6946695-dt-content-rid-10884302_1/xid-10884302_1 
  2. Introduction Activity, https://mylearn.hct.ac.ae/bbcswebdav/pid-6290766-dt-content-rid-9827157_1/xid-9827157_1  
  3. Plagiarism-at-KBZAC/HCT, https://mylearn.hct.ac.ae/bbcswebdav/pid-6290768-dt-content-rid-9827159_1/xid-9827159_1 


The cadets need to be able to answer questions about plagiarism in Quiz 1


This course is about ‘thinking and reflecting’ and is unlike courses that the cadets have previously done.

There are no vocab lists or grammar points for them to learn, this is about the cadets learning to take control of their studying.


Everything will, eventually, be done on the iPads. There is a lot of reading for the cadets to do.

the cadets have to do the readings if they don’t, they will not be able to complete the blogs adequately nor answer the quizzes


The course is broken down into packets of 8 hours


Coursework is 70%:

5 blog posts 20%,

3 Quizzes 30%,

2 presentations 20% (Individual 7.5%, Group 12.5%)

Final exam 30%, this comes from Dubai



Bb Mobile Learn


Blackboard Mobile Learn - MyLearn is at http://mylearn.hct.ac.ae 


LSS 1003 Bb Learn Course 



When your LSS 1003 course is available in Bb Mobile / Learn

you can put a BLACK SPOT on your iPad - here's how


Vance's Class and the Black Spot


Visit Vance's Class at PBWorks.com



  1. Open the link in Safari. 
  2. Tap on    on the iPad screen
  4. Select ADD
  5. Show the Vance's Class icon on your home screen to your teacher 


If you can't log in to Bb Mobile you need to let your teacher know so we can fix the problem



Google Docs


For writing, we will use Google Docs 

Please activate or create an account


Here's what we can do with Google Docs







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