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This is the landing page for the class that meets in F16



Week 11


Thursday June 15, 2017 Periods 1 and 2, Dualingo, and reading


Wednesday June 14, 2017 Periods 3 and 5, EdPuzzle and reading


Let's start by playing with this, http://etherpad.mit.edu/p/F16

Visit here, press the microphone icon on your iPad, and see if you can talk here.


Complete this EdPuzzle video

Could cargo shift have caused 747 crash?


Go to http://edpuzzle.com

and join the classroom by adding this class



When done, be reading the book you selected.

By the end of period 5, update your report in Office 365, or on paper

Or create a Google Account and work there


Tuesday June 13, 2017 Period 1, work on your reading


We spent time with troubleshooting why Office 365 will not accept HCT credentials for 4 of the 6 students

I brought a paper copy of the worksheet I wanted them to complete in Word / Office 365

49 Section F14 Bookworks Week 12.docx


Fawad came to help us but he had the students create personal accts in Outlook. One student shared one of those files with me but due to connectivity issues I have yet to receive the notification.


At the end of the period the 4 students were working on that worksheet


Monday June 12, 2017 Periods 2 and 3, Office 365 - Dualingo - Bookworms


Let's correct your last Office 365 document



Join Vance's Duolingo class at the link below




Here, you'll need to create an account


Duolingo uses translation from your language to English, so set your site language to Arabic


As an advanced learner, start with the Placement Test

Track your progress in you Oxford Bookworms Reader in Office 365


Create a new Google Doc or Office 365 online Word document

Name it 49 f16 Your name Bookworms

Share it with


Log in to Office 365 with your HCT email credentials (ID and password)


Write a short paragraph to answer these questions


  1. What is the name of the book you have chosen to read?
  2. What is the book about?
  3. Do you think you will like it? Why? (or why not?)
  4. How many pages does it have?
  5. How many pages have you read up to now?
  6. How many pages will you have to read each day in order to take the mReader quiz next week in Week 12?



Sunday June 11, 2017 Periods 2 and 4


Put the BLACK SPOT on your iPad to http://vancesclass.pbworks.com/49_section_F16


Visit http://vancesclass.pbworks.com/ in a browser, such as Safari

Browse to your 49_F16 class, http://vancesclass.pbworks.com/49_section_F16 


  1. Open this link in Safari. 
  2. Tap on    on the iPad screen
  4. Select ADD
  5. Show the Vance's Class icon on your home screen to your teacher 



Enroll in Edpuzzle.com and JOIN owreemo


Go to http://edpuzzle.com

and join the classroom by adding this class



Answer the 11 questions in this video - CNN Meet the UAE's first female fighter pilot




Find an Oxford Bookworm Reader or book in ILC that has an mReader quiz with it

Read the book and take the quiz this week

According to the librarian Paul, you can't read the books offline on your iPad (you can on PC)


How to access Oxford Bookworm eBooks and find out if there is a quiz on mReader, http://mreader.org 


You need to work in TWO windows on PC or iPad

  1. Open one window for http://libraries.hct.ac.ae/
  2. Open another window for https://mreader.org/ 


Go to http://libraries.hct.ac.ae/ > Databases > eBooks



At http://libraries.hct.ac.ae/databases/subjects/ebooks/ scroll down



Click on Oxford Bookworm, Access Now



Arrive at http://www.oxfordeltdigitallibrary.com.ezproxy.hct.ac.ae/HCT/library/ 



Browse the collection



See if the book has an mReader quiz by clicking on VIEW AVAILABLE QUIZZES at https://mreader.org/



Find a book and read it

Pass the quiz in mReader by Week 12 :-)


If you choose a book that has an mReader, you can pass the quiz.

Be sure you are logged on to mReader when you work there, http://mreader.org 



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