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Welcome to Vance's 49 FND 3016 WRITING class

for Section 9 students


See the PDA form your teacher uses to give you your mark



Unlock Unit 6 (week 13)


Thursday Oct 19, 2017 Period 1 EmSAT Grammar test review



Writing test - 200 word essay on an important issue in the UAE


Unlock Unit 4 (week 11)


Write this week's 200-word essay in two class periods

outline and write a 200 word essay.docx


In class ONE this week - choose a topic and prepare an outline


Choose a topic. Here are your choices:


  1. Many people think that iPads can help students learn more effectively, but many students use them to waste time in class.
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of students having iPads in class, and (in your conclusion) what should be done about the disadvantages?
    advantages and disadvantages of iPads in class.docx

  2. Some Emiratis like to go abroad to complete their education in foreign colleges or universities.
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Emiratis studying in a foreign country?
    advantages and disadvantages of solar power.docx

  3. Gulf News recently reported that although the government wants people to recycle waste, only 20% of waste is recycled in UAE.
    Why do you think people should people recycle waste, and why don’t they?
    why should people recycle waste and why dont they.docx

  4. In 2010 nearly all electricity in UAE was generated in gas power plants,
    but the country is moving toward greater use of solar power (electricity from sunlight). 
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using solar power in instead of gas to produce energy in UAE? 
    advantages and disadvantages of solar power.docx

  5. On October 1, 2017, prices of cigarettes and energy drinks doubled in the UAE,
    and the price of soft drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola increased 50%?
    Why did the government increase the tax on these items? Do you agree or disagree, and why?
    opinion of excise tax in UAE.docx



Prepare an outline

Four paragraph essay planner.docx


In class TWO this week - write a first draft of your 200-word essay


Write the essay following the example


Write at least 4 paragraphs following this example


(Write a sentence about the issue or problem)   (write a sentence about the solution)    ...  In this essay, I will write about  (give at least two aspects of the solution that you will discuss in your essay)


First, I’ll write about (the first aspect of the solution)


Next, I’ll tell you  (the second aspect of the solution)


In conclusion  (write a sentence about how you explained the problem and its solution)   In this essay, I’ve explained briefly ... (remind the reader about the aspects of the problem you discussed) ... In my opinion (write a sentence giving your opinion)



An example of a well-written essay on a favorite sport




Unlock Unit 3 (week 10)


Tuesday, October 3


Periods 2 and 4 - Complete your essay on Extreme Sports using the cohesion template


Complete your revised 250-word essay where your main points are made clear in the introduction, one point in each paragraph, and in the conclusion.


Write these words yourself. NO WORD SALAD PLEASE!


(Word salad happens when you copy text from the Internet or rely on Google translate, which produces strange results)


Sunday, October 1


Period 6 - Improving cohesion in an essay 


Study this sample essay. See how a good essay makes its main points three times

  1. In the introduction
  2. One point for each paragraph
  3. In the conclusion



Now revise your essay in this same format: goodEssayTemplate.docx


You can work on paper or in Office 365 Word


Write 250 words




Unlock Unit 2 (week 9)


Wednesday, Sept 27


Period 3 - Revise your first draft into a 250 word second draft 


Tuesday, Sept 26

Period 2 - Write a 100-word first draft on EXTREME SPORTS on paper



Abseiling is another example of an extreme sport



By now you should have completed this



Now you should write a 100-word FIRST DRAFT on PAPER that you will revise later to make A 250-word ESSAY, on EXTREME SPORTS


Write on the paper your teacher gives you in class:

FND 3016 – Week 3 - Start writing about extreme sports.docx


Use as much vocabulary as you can from

<-- the Level 3 Quiz 1-2 Wordlists at left


Describe an EXTREME SPORT that you have done or would like to do. 


  1. Tell what the sport is about.
  2. What equipment do you need?
  3. What do you do when you play this sport?
  4. Why is it dangerous?
  5. How can you prevent accident or injury when doing it?
  6. Why do you enjoy it, or why do you do it?


Write at least 100 words


At the end of the class, give what you have written to your teacher, who will read your work into your 

shared Office 365 WORD document


This is the WRITING PROCESS we are following: writingProcessSection9.docx

In order to continue the process, you need to

  • Create a Microsoft WORD document called 49s9_YourName 
  • And SHARE it with vstevens@hct.ac.ae (instructions are here writingProcessSection9.docx )


All students here should be able to log on to Office 365 (your teacher has tested problem cases and found that they work)

  • Remember, your user name is your HCT email address; for example H00123456@hct.ac.ae
  • and your password begins with Kbz
    That's upper case K and lower case b,z


If you have no iPad you can do your work on paper

Your teacher has written email to ask where your iPads are


Sunday Sept 24


Period 3 get set up with the Microsoft WORD app, sign in with your HCT ID, and introduce yourself


Students were given this handout




Unlock Unit 1 (week 8)


Monday Sept 18


Period 5 - Setting up with Vance's Class and download Microsoft Word App


Get the Microsoft Word app 



Sign In using your HCT ID and create a correctly named document


  1. Configure your iPad for English - otherwise your documents will align right to left
  2.  Log in with your HCT email address (NOT with your personal account)
  3.  Create a NEW BLANK DOCUMENT in OneDrive for Business
  4.  Rename your document 49s9_YourName



Share the document with vstevens@hct.ac.ae





Get the BLACK SPOT for http://vancesclass.pbworks.com on your iPad


Vance's Class and the Black Spot


Visit Vance's Class at PBWorks.com



  1. Open the link in Safari. 
  2. Tap on    on the iPad screen
  4. Select ADD
  5. Show the Vance's Class icon on your home screen to your teacher 





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