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Advantages / Disadvantages Essay


Thursday - Writing test - 200 word essay on an important issue in the UAE




See the PDA form your teacher uses to give you your mark



Sunday Oct 15 - Period 3 - Grammar Review



Headway Test handout on

  • Past Simple 3
  • Question forms
  • Past simple / present continuous


And a General Review 1 worksheet (pages 1-4)

General grammar Review 1.docx


Sunday Oct 8 - In classes ONE and TWO this week - choose a topic and prepare an outline

Write this week's 200-word essay in four class periods 

Choose a topic. Here are your choices:


  1. Many people think that iPads can help students learn more effectively, but many students use them to waste time in class
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of students having iPads in class, and (in your conclusion) what should be done about the disadvantages?
    advantages and disadvantages of iPads in class.docx 
  2. Gulf News recently reported that although the government wants people to recycle waste, only 20% of waste is recycled in UAE
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of waste recycling?
    why should people recycle waste and why dont they.docx

  3. In 2010 nearly all electricity in UAE was generated in gas power plants
    but the country is moving toward greater use of solar power (electricity from sunlight).  
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using solar power in instead of gas to produce energy in UAE? 
    advantages and disadvantages of solar power.docx  



Prepare an outline

Four paragraph essay planner.docx


Tuesday Oct 3 - In class THREE and FOUR this week - write a first draft of your 200-word essay


Write the essay following the example


Write at least 4 paragraphs following this example

200-word essay guidelines.docx


An example of a well-written essay on a favorite sport





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