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Preparation for quizzes and exams



FND L2 Work Plan Term3 -new.docx


EmSAT date TBC but currently scheduled for 18th November 


Tuesday Nov 14 - Last Vance's Class - Edpuzzle


Today, a fun lesson. Some of you appeared interested in the video we started watching last week


Under Pressure, about the crash of Nigerian Airways flight 2120 from Jeddah to Sokoto



We'll watch the first part, what happened in the plane



Period 2 with Vance - EdPuzzle on Under Pressure, part 2


Go to http://edpuzzle.com

SIGN UP as a student

Give two names your teacher will know

Join the class walorah



Final Exam: Monday Nov 13th


Monday Nov 13 Periods 1-3 – Levels 1&2 FND FWA – S11-13


Sunday Nov 12


Period 4 with Merih - Vance will return with your corrected grammar tests


Period 3 with Vance - 2 Grammar Progress reviews


Review-Progress Test Practice



Progress Test Practice 1





Wednesday Nov 8


Period 4 with Vance - EdPuzzle on Under Pressure, part 1


Go to http://edpuzzle.com

SIGN UP as a student

Give two names your teacher will know

Join the class walorah


Final Writing: Wednesday Nov 8 Period 3


Final revision opportunity will be period 1 Wednesday with Vance


Final Writing Test preparation

sample essay about advantages and disadvantages of working or living abroad.docx


Monday Nov 6


Period 1 Vance returns writing corrected from last Wed Nov 1


FIRST COMPARE what you wrote with the work returned.

Compare grammar, spelling, vocabulary


SECOND Please revise and improve your writing


Write on the papers returned to you.

Add paragraphs or sentences to bring your writing up to 200 words


If you can give me your corrected work, to Merih, or in my office,

I can return it to you at 6:30 Wed in time for you to use it

to study for your final writing test at Per 3 Wed.


Period 2 Merih


Wed Nov 1


Period 4 Vance - Writing practice - Opinion of playing games on iPads


Many people play games on iPads. Some people think this is a complete waste of time. However, others think students can learn from games, so they should be used in class. What do you think?

  • Start by explaining there are some advantages and disadvantages of playing games on the iPad.
  • In the next two paragraphs, explain the advantages and disadvantages. Give examples of each.
  • In the last paragraph, give your opinion and explain why you think this way.


Write at least 200 words 


Period 3 Merih - Final grammar quiz on iPads 



Period 1 Vance - grammar review





Grammar Quiz - present continuous


Progress Practice test 2





Tuesday Oct 31 Grammar preparation

Period 2 Merih

Progress Test Practice 1


Period 4 Vance Socrative grammar review


Open your SOCRATIVE STUDENT app on your iPad


Choose the activity in VANCESCLASS



Give TWO NAMES so your teacher will know who did the work assigned


Complete the activity



Sunday Oct 29 and Monday Oct 30


Period 3 Vance Present tense negatives and questions


Vance will return work from Monday Oct 16

  • Headway grammar review

  • Socrative on Basic Verb Tenses


Complete this exercises 

Cindy Davis pres simple pos neg q exercises.pdf


Period 4 Merih - Vocabulary Review


Period 5 Sunday and Per 3 Monday - Vance Memrise List 6


Open in a browser, like SAFARI: https://www.memrise.com/

Create a profile

Call it 49s11yournames

Use your HTC email address H0012345@hct.ac.ae


Do these Memrise courses




These words are taken from the FIP Level 2 List 6 words, from the exercise here




Score above 4000 points for an A

Score above 3000 points for a B

Score above 2000 points for a C

Score above 1000 points for a D

Score above 500 points for a D-

Score below 500 points for an F     





Unlock 2 Teacher’s Book

Review tests, pages (98-138), both the reading and the listening books.  (Let me know if you want to borrow the teacher’s book from me)


EmSAT Practice:



Grammar Review/Practice:



Vocab Practice:





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