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2015_Group 47_N125_Section1

Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 8 years, 8 months ago

Welcome to Vance's Group 47 Extended English Pages


This course is designed to get Group 47 Sections 1 and 2 students through the N125 course in 4-5 weeks. Course materials will appear here and in Bb Learn shortly



Week 37 (6 of 5)


Sunday Sept 13 Period 7 Final exam writing practice


Your N125 Final Exam is tomorrow. It will cover Listening, Reading, and Writing


Ellen has asked me to practice writing advantage / disadvantage / support an opinion essays with you.

The director of English at the air college is also interested in getting feedback on the following topic


Final 125 Writing Practice for Final Exam


You have just taken the N125 course in 5 weeks. Normally this course takes at least 9 weeks.


Write 250 words on this topic

Address the following points 


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking long courses in short time.
  • In your opinion, which is best for students at your level, taking the full course in 9 weeks, or going quickly through the Fast Track version


You have 35 minutes for this




Week 36 (5 of 5)


Model presentation format 


Put your slides together

Check them against the instructions <== HERE

Make it similar to the demo presentation below



Download these instructions


This was done in Google Slides

(An app you can download from the app store and share with your partners the way you do with Google Docs) 






Sun Sept 6 Final writing practice


Period 5 - Final writing practice

Download the handout here

Use guidelines from EXIT 5 <== download it HERE

Your writing will be marked against the Task 2 writing descriptors here


This is the marking scheme that will be applied to your final exam writing next week


Students received feedback on their work in Google Docs from Thursday and continued where they left off

The following students made changes to their Google Docs during the time dedicated to this during this period

  • Faisal Saleh
  • Hamdan Yousef
  • Ibraheem Hassan
  • Moatasem Tariq
  • Mohammed Salem Ali
  • Mohammed Salem Saeed
  • Nasser Ahmed



Week 34 (3 of 5)


Tuesday August 25 Project Task 2 


Period 1 - Complete task 2 in a Google Doc


Students were given Student Instructions for task 2, <== HERE


Students were given the marking sheet for task 2 <== HERE


The instructions say ...

each GROUP in Section 1 will prepare a Google Doc


Name the doc with
your first names and military id’s - section # - and your TASK 2

  •  In the document write
    • Three resources
      (BOTH name of resource and URL pasted to the Google Doc)
    • Three complete sentences for EACH resource (9 sentences in total, 10 points each) explaining
      • What this resource is about
      • Why (or which part of) this resource is relevant to your project
      • How will this resource contribute to
        your understanding of this project


Ellen will give you the due date for this assignment 



Monday August 24 Progress test 1 and Task 2 project completion


Periods 1 and 2 - Progress test 1


Sunday August 23 Progress Test Preparation


Period 7 - Practice progress test writing

Vance read student paper-based writing practice essays from Tuesday August 18

into Google Docs using voice recognition

Students had an opportunity to get feedback on their writing



Week 33 (2 of 5)



Tuesday Aug 18 - Formal letter of complaint


Period 1 - Write a formal letter of complain under test practice conditions


Create a Google Doc, share it with vancestev@gmail.com

Call it – Your name ID section 1 – Petrol


Dear sir or madam,



Download the assignment here


You have noticed that it costs 20% more now to fill your car with petrol, and you worry this will cause the price of many other things you buy to rise as well. You are not happy about this.

Write a letter to the Director of Customer Service at the Ministry of Energy. In your letter explain

  1. the problem and why you are writing them
  2. why you think petrol prices should not be allowed to increase
  3. what you want them to do


Write at least 150 words


Monday Aug 17 - complete project topic worksheet

Students find partners and each group fills in a worksheet


Sunday Aug 16


Section 1 period 3 - Share a Google Doc with vancestev@gmail.com

Here is the assignment which is due today, Aug 16




  • Vance works effectively with giving feedback in Google Docs, and from now you must be able to use this tool in Vance's classes
  • Ellen wants you to set up a GoogleSite. Everyone needs a Google account for this.
  • Your shared document shows us that you are ready to work with these tools.


Section 1 period 5

We went over student work in Google Docs individually, saw that all got feedback, all had opportunity to hand something in


Week 32 (1 of 5)


Thu Aug 13 - Brainstorm a project topic with Google Docs Story Builder


On Thu Aug 13 I will return your marks from Wed Apr 12

Each day you will have some mark in class that will count toward your 10% PDA mark

Vance will clarify what work is assigned for his classes and what the due dates are


Next week you will have as many as 4 classes each day

On Sunday you will 

  • Complete your Google Doc introduction for a grade
    (Google Docs and Google sites will be used for feedback and ePortfolio creation)
    You can be writing your document in another format NOW so that you can paste it into a Google Doc when you are able to use share a document with your account 
  • Create a Google Docs Story Builder to brainstorm your research topic and reasons for choosing it
  • Meet a new teacher for Progress Test reading and listening practice
  • Have Ellen's class for Progress Test writing practice 


About your project


You will have to develop expertise on

  • an app, such as Minecraft, Pilot Uni, etc (your choice)
  • a topic that you would like to research, such as global warming, augmented reality (you decide)


There is a worksheet to help you start thinking about your project


How to use GDSB





Here's what you will do on Sunday


  1. Find a partner you might want to work with
  2. Select ONE partner to record the dialog on ONE iPad
  3. Enter each partner's name as one CHARACTER on that iPad
  4. Use as your project TITLE the app or topic you want to write on 
  5. Start a dialog by saying what you think your app or topic might be
  6. Have the characters give three reasons for choosing this topic
  7. Add music, add your names, and finish the dialog
  8. Get a SHARED LINK and Copy its URL
  9. In a browser open Todays Meet




By Sunday Aug 16 - Get a Google Account and share a document


Due Date


This was assigned on Sunday Aug 9 but will be assessed (scored) on Sunday August 16

You will be awarded 20 points for each of 5 items you address in a Google Doc shared with vancestev@gmail.com on that date


What you must do


  • Create or activate your GOOGLE account
  • Install the Google Drive and Google Docs apps on your iPad
  • Create a Google Doc, entitle it YOUR NAME and ID, Section # (1 or 2) - Introduction
  • Write a paragraph to introduce yourself. 


Tell me (20% each, due by Sunday Aug 16,

to give students opportunity to set up Google accts over the weekend) 


  1. where you are from
  2. something about your home or hometown
  3. what you like to do in your spare time
  4. briefly, what you hope to achieve in your life
  5. and something surprising about yourself


Share this file with vancestev@gmail.com


Here's how




Progress test reading practice - Wed Aug 12

In this exercise, you must read descriptions of 5 vacation options and find those that match each of 8 criteria

You can download the exercise <== HERE




Here are samples from a class Vance used to teach on multiliteracies



Here are some ePortfolios from the NC



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